Goblinwraith by Tamara Grantham

Title: Goblinwraith Series:  Olive Kennedy: Fairy World MD, Companion novella to Silverwitch Author:  Tamara Grantham Published:   December 23, 2016 Publisher:  Crimson Tree Publishing Genre:  Romance/Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology Synopsis:  Heidel, Wult warrior princess, is having a bad day. First, a pack of wraiths chased her from a dragon’s vault. Then, the … More Goblinwraith by Tamara Grantham

Lurking in the Shadows a CHBB anthology

Title:  Lurking in the Shadows Edited by:  Jaidis Shaw Published:  June 28th, 2016 Publisher:  CHBB Publishing Genre:  Short Story, Horror, Paranormal, Fantasy Synopsis: Embrace the darkness. Murderous entities, haunted houses, screaming banshees, and sympathetic necromancers are just a few of the chilling things you’ll encounter in this anthology. Follow our authors into the shadows … … More Lurking in the Shadows a CHBB anthology