• 02 Jun 2022
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It is hard to put into too many words everything that describes me so I’m going to go with the basics.

Let me start out by saying I’m a busy mother of five beautiful and healthy children. I work hard and have little time to myself. Whenever I have spare time, I prefer to indulge in a good book, be it by reading one or coming up with a story of my own. I’m an avid reader, blogger, and part-time author. I would love to write full-time but my busy schedule doesn’t allow for more than a couple of hours each day if that.

When I’m not writing, I’m blogging about books, their authors, or about the blogs that are dedicated to helping us promote our work.

Currently, I’m working on finishing several manuscripts including the final books to Secrets of the Moon saga, the third installment to the Forgotten Divinity series, and a sequel to Deliverance, which will be released soon. Plus, I manage two blogs so as you can imagine I have plenty to do.

I love books. I have a passion for plotting and writing. And I like to share my love for literature with the world.