Cover reveal for Speak of the Devil (The Broken Halos series book 2)

Speak of the Devil (The Broken Halos series Book 2)

She was his to protect, but they stole her away…

Eric spent centuries trying to protect his kind while trying to stay as
far away from the Order as possible. When one of the founders gave him
an offer he couldn’t refuse, he met Helena. He knew the moment he set
eyes on her that she was his.

Archangel Michael, however, had different plans.

Now Helena has been stolen by the Order, and even Lucifer himself can’t
protect them from Eric. They will give her back to him, Or…the Heavens
will burn!

Pre-order on Amazon
for only $.99

Pre-order book 1 – Comes out April 24

The Devil is in the
Details (The Broken Halos series Book 1)

Nothing can brighten up a day like hunting demons…OR…like opening up
the portal to Hell!

Helena lived her life with a rigid sense of ethics until one mission
went wrong and caused her to question everything. Now she must place her
trust in a handsome demon, but at what cost? Will she have to sacrifice
redemption for love, or is this just another demonic trick?

Because she is Heaven’s favorite…unless, she switches sides!

on Amazon
only $.99


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