Character Interview with Tiger from Deliverance

Hello everyone,

I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately with my current WIP and it’s taking a lot of my time. It’s been so much fun. Ideas have flowed nonstop and I’ve been on a creative high for a few weeks!

Woo hoo!

I have six books outlined. Imagine that. This coming from a person that was buried under writer’s block for months. All of a sudden, the ideas kept coming and wouldn’t stop. They still haven’t. As for when those books will get written, I don’t know. I’m getting ready to embark on a new career journey next month and I’ve been getting prepared to sail off in a little over three weeks now.

In the meantime, I’ve been taking advantage of what little free time I have to take refuge in the writing cave and I’ll be sure to share a little more about what I’m working on in the next couple of weeks.

For now, I’d like to share a character interview that I did for Tiger aka Hayden, from Deliverance. If you haven’t gotten to know him yet, this will help you get a better idea of what he’s like.

Character Interview

1. What was your first impression of your writer?

She has an overactive imagination and uses it to her advantage. I’m not sure that’s a positive for us, as she’s always thinking of ways to complicate our lives. But because she’s rather fond of us, we might eventually have a happily-ever-after soon. One can only hope.

2. How did you and the hero/heroine meet?
She almost ran me over with her truck. Though it was mostly my fault. I ran into the street to get away from those pursuing me, but it was the only way to get her to stop and help me.

3. What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness? How have they shaped your life?
My greatest strength is, perhaps, my determination. When I set my mind on something, nothing short of death will stop me.

4. What first drew you to your hero/heroine?
Her sense of loyalty. She’s admirable in that no matter how bad things get, she always sticks to her beliefs and fights to protect those she both loves and cares about, even through her own fears and insecurities. It’s not a trait a lot of humans possess.

5. If you could be in any profession, what would you do and why?
Maybe a teacher. I like to learn and wouldn’t mind helping others do the same. It might come down to whether I have the patience for it or not.

6. So, in your story, what was the most memorable moment for you?
Most memorable to me…was experiencing true kindness from whom I considered my enemy my entire life. It was very unexpected but opened my eyes to a much bigger picture. Humans are not all bad.

7. What do you do for fun?
Read. I didn’t know how to read until Kristina taught me. It’s an activity I enjoy quite a bit ever since.

8. Would you like for your writer to create a sequel for you? Why or why not?
I was fine with the happy ending in the first book, but life isn’t always so simple, is it? There was more to be told so, naturally, my writer has already released a sequel and has a third book currently in progress.

9. What do you do for a living?
Currently, nothing. I garnered no useful skills while I was imprisoned. Unless you consider killing something to boast of. But I do hope to evolve as I spend more and more time with Kristina.

10. What is your greatest fear?
Losing the one person I care the most about: Kristina.
11. What do you wear when you go to sleep?
Most nights, nothing at all. Others, I might wear bottoms. It depends on my mood.
12. What is your most prized possession?
I don’t find any value in material things. I prefer to hang on to things that truly matter. That which the enemy can’t rob you of. Like good memories, for example.
14. What do you think your greatest weakness is?
That I’m insecure. It’s a weakness I’ll have to work on some more in the future.
15. What do you think is your strongest attribute?
I’m not sure. I haven’t thought out my strengths in length yet. Maybe because I’m still learning what makes me, me. If I must venture a guess, then I’d say I’m devoted to those I care about.
16. What are you proudest of?
I’m not picky. Everything I’ve accomplished during and after my escape from the Institute is considered an accomplishment in my eyes.
17. What is most attractive to you about the opposite sex?
I’m unsure what you mean by attractive, exactly. Physically, there’s much to be drawn to when it comes to the opposite sex. But I pay close attention to the eyes. They’re the windows to the souls. Women tend to have the prettiest eyes.
18. What trait or characteristic do you most dislike about the opposite sex?
I admire a woman that is true to herself, caring, honest, but at the same time fierce. A fighter. One that is brave but isn’t embarrassed to be afraid.
19. What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy afternoon?
Sit on the front porch of Rose’s farmhouse and watch as the drops of water fall from the sky. It’s a beautiful sight. One I never had the opportunity to observe in detail while I was imprisoned.
20. What’s your favorite animal?
Dogs. They’re peaceful, resilient, trustworthy animals.
21. Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo, what would it be and where?
Have not considered it at all. I was marked by a number my entire life. I don’t think I’d want to deliberately mark my skin. It brings back unpleasant memories.

That brings us to the end of the interview. Fun, isn’t he?

If you’ve missed the story that gave life to his quirky man, below is the book description and buy link. Give it a look at your leisure!


He’s been locked away his entire life.
He dreams of freedom.
The only way he can accomplish his goals is by breaking free of the chains tying him to a dark past and gloomy existence. But there’s one catch. He’s not human.
And he’s never set foot outside his jail.

Devoted to saving his peers as well as his own life, he sets out to find the one person that can help him achieve his objectives. He knows where she will be and what she will look like, but what he doesn’t anticipate is the fact he finds himself caring for the girl whose life he’s put at risk, more and more each day.

He has no name.
He has only known hatred and violence before her.
However, she will teach him to have faith in humanity, even if she can’t trust him.
Together they will embark on a journey to bring down a corrupt system responsible for the loss of many innocent lives. But when he finds his feelings compromised, can he still move on knowing that doing so will put an end to the life she once knew? How far is he willing to go to be free?

Buy link:


And if you have read this gem, please consider leaving a review. Whether you liked, loved, or hated it, let us know by leaving a few words at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and Goodreads. My aching heart will thank you greatly.

Thank you so much for sticking with me to the end of this post. I freaking love ya for that. Stay tuned for more information on cover reveals, upcoming releases and works in progress. 

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