Cover reveal for Tainted by H.C. Harris






Whoever said college was easy? Certainly not Faye Johnson! With shadow creatures stalking and hunting her from the depths of the darkness, Faye soon realizes that being a Light Soul and destroying the evil that lurks in the shadows, won’t make her freshman year any easier.

With the help of her wisecracking best friend Jack, Faye discovers that her ordinary life is about to change drastically. She has an ancient power that the darkness desperately desires. But being untrained, she can’t protect herself for long. That’s when Gabe, a dangerously gorgeous ex-Dark Soul enters her life – seemingly out of thin air.

Jack and Faye’s friendship is put to the test when she starts training with Gabe. Jack warns her that Gabe is dangerous, but she can’t seem to resist her electrifying feelings for him. Events become deadly when the Dark Souls attack and Faye discovers Gabe’s horrifying secret.

Can she count on Jack to be there for her? Can she trust Gabe with her life? Will she be strong enough to protect herself from the darkness that is desperate to kill her?

…And you thought college was easy.


I was jolted in every direction, my head bobbing up and down and my legs starting to flail as the ride jerked sideways, practically parallel with the ground. I felt my grasp begin to slip. Forcing myself to close my eyes, I saw the jagged rock of the steep mountain again. I knew that if I let go, it would mean the end for me. With one final jolt forward, I was flung off the bull, flying forward, speeding toward the deadly impact.

Only I didn’t hit the ground.

I wasn’t even touching the ground. I was floating above it. As I opened my eyes to see where I had landed, I found two beautiful, deep brown eyes gazing down upon me.

I had landed in the strong arms of a man, a really attractive man, too! He had dark brown, almost black hair, pale, white skin, full wine-red lips, and long, dark eyelashes that would make any girl envious. He held me with such ease. It was as if I weighed nothing more than a feather. He smelled of the woods, the earth, and the nighttime air. I couldn’t help but notice how good it felt to be in his arms. Suddenly, the blood rushed to my cheeks and a fog began to cloud my thoughts. Was it just me, or did his lips seem to curve into a smile after each sentence he spoke?

Faye! He’s talking to you!

“Are you all right, Blue Eyes?” he asked in a luxuriously deep voice.

It was smooth, like milk chocolate. It felt good to listen to him speak, but I made myself concentrate on his words in order to avoid looking and sounding like an idiot.

“I, umm…”

Off to a great start, Faye. Good job!

About the Author:

H. C. Harris has been daydreaming, imagining stories, and composing music since before she could even write! She was born and raised in New Hampshire before moving to Burlington, Vermont for college. During her senior year at the University of Vermont, she discovered she had a passion for creating fantasy stories that transported her readers to mysterious and romantic places.

H. C. Harris shared samples of her work with her online audience. Fans have described it as, “addicting,” “a page-turner,” and “swoon-worthy.” With their encouragement, she submitted her work to publishing companies and is now contracted with Inkspell Publishing!

She currently lives in Hartford, Connecticut where she is working on her Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. She teaches Spin classes, loves playing the piano, drinking coffee and taking her German Shepherd and Black Lab for runs!

You can follow H. C. Harris on Twitter at: @writeforlifehch, on Facebook at: and follow her book updates on her personal website:

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