Author Interview with Viktoria Faust

Hello wonderful readers,

Today I am pleased to feature author Viktoria Faust. I had the pleasure of interviewing her, but before we get to that, I’d like to tell you a bit more about her most recent work.


Viktoria, a young and not particularly talented painter, comes across war vampires in the middle of war torn Croatia in 1992. She becomes obsessed with them. But socializing with vampires is dangerous. One of them attacks her and infects her with what she believes is AIDS. To save herself she leaves with Damian, the oldest of the vampires, on an adventure that will prolong her life forever … or end it.

This is the first publication in English of well known Croatian vampire book “U anđeoskom liku zvijeri”

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Author Interview

1.Would you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

I’m Croatian award winning horror and SF writer. I have more than 30 books published, but only last year I started publishing in English, when my first book, vampire horror novel Beauty of the Beast was published. This year my story is in horror anthology Shadows and Teeth, and I’m winner of contest on Online Book Publishing – I won book publishing deal, so my short story collection will be published soon.

2.Which project are you currently promoting?

I like readers to get know my vampire novel best. This is novel that was very popular in my country and that won me title of “Croatian Queen of Horror”. It’s first in serial of seven, and although every book stands for itself, all books are connected by characters and main story.

3.Can you tell us what the book is about?

This book I wrote long time ago, in 1994, just two years after war in my country, so that’s the main reason my vampires are war vampires – they are drawn by slaughter on battlefields. But that’s just one little segment of their nature. I tried by creating my kind of vampires to combine gothic vampire with 20/21 century kind of vampire.

4.How did you come up with the title for this book?

Not every title sounds as good when translated from original language that was written on. While translating title of my novel we needed to change it. If literally translated the title would be something like In The Angelic Form Of The Beast. This doesn’t sound as good as in on original language, so we decided to play a little with that old story so that’s why Beauty of the Beast.

5.What inspired you to write this book?

In the year 1994 I first saw dead body. I first experienced what being mortal means. And war wounds where fresh on my country and in my mind. I was 22 living in the country that was suffering affects of war, feeling trapped in situation from which there was no way out. Just like my character I was ready to take any chance, any excuse to escape.  My escape then was in my book.

6.What made you decide to become a writer?

I guess I was born that way. I wrote my first novel when I was 13. Since then I was certain that I’m a writer; before I only “suspected” when I wrote few stories and poems. So, I am writer my whole life. And I never wanted to be anything else, although I worked many kinds of jobs that have nothing to do with writhing (unfortunately, writing in my country doesn’t pay bills).

7.What genre do you generally write?

Horror, SF and children’s fantasy. And combinations of genres.

8.What character out of your most recent work do you admire the most and why?

Everybody loves Damian. I love Damian. He is my favorite book-child. He is ruthless killer, who cares for no one except himself, but he is a Beast, and the Beast is a seducer. Even Damian is in love with Damian, so why wouldn’t we be, wretched mortals?

9.How long does it usually take you to write a book, from the original idea to the culmination?

This question is hard to answer. First version of Beauty of the Beast I wrote in 72 days (more than 100.000 words). Then I rewrote it few times and ended with almost 300.000 words. For English version we shortened it again, so it’s now about 150.000 words long.

Some ideas I turn in novels or stories right away. Some takes years, cooking somewhere in the back of my brain. But usually when idea is ready to be written it doesn’t take me a long time to write it.

10.How do you deal with negative reviews?

There is not one thing in this world that everybody will like. So not liking something someone’s written is just normal, human reaction. I don’t like every book I read, so why would everybody like all of my books? Negative reviews just like positive are just somebody’s opinion, and everybody’s has right to have opinion.

11.What other projects are you currently working on?

Very soon prequel to Beauty of the Beast – An Angel In My Grave – will be published – this is short novel written in tradition of old gothic writers. Also my children fantasy The Great Escape from Fairyland will be out soon, both published by my publisher True North Publishing. I’m working on some other projects as well, some stories should be published in different anthologies, but we’ll talk about that when decision is finalized. And I’m always working on some novel (or two or three). Also I have one free story in this contest that ends on Thanksgiving – download is available in PDF or Kindle format, just click on link and download it as one of formats. If I have lots of downloads maybe I’ll win this one to.

12.When you begin a new MS, does it start with an idea, concept, or both?

Idea, concept and the feeling. Without feeling even best idea is nothing. The feeling is need for creating story/novel. I have lots of ideas, but only special kind of idea comes in full package that is necessary for creating something.

13.Is there a message you’d like to get across through your story?

Even impossible is possible if you believe.

14.Is there a genre you’d never consider writing? If so, why?

Never say never. But I don’t like romance books, so I guess I’m almost certain that I will never write one.

15.What is your least favorite part about getting published?

I never had problem with publishing. But what I hate (yes, it’s a strong word) is promoting. That’s just hard core business, nothing to do with writing and everything I love in writing. But without promoting even best book will drown in sea of books, because there are so many of them.

16.Was the road to publication a long one for you?

It took me long time to offer some of my work to some publisher, but after I did, it was really easy. It’s easy to publish. Hardest part is to find your reading audience, which takes time. But when you find it they are very faithful and loyal crowd.

17.Do you use a pen name? If so, why?

Viktoria Faust is pen name. It’s the name I gave myself when I was 13, when I realized I’m a writer. It’s just who I am. Once by mistake one of my stories in some magazine was signed by my real name. I felt like someone plagiarized my work.

18.Where do you see yourself in five years?

Many miles to go, many books to write…

19.What is the best advice you can give to a new author?

Just to write and never care what anybody else is saying. If it feels good for you – it is good. Writer writes for himself, to indulge his/hers NO 1 fan’s needs. All other motives are wrong. Writing is hard business, but it should not feel as such. You should live for your writing, even if it can’t be other way around.

20.Where can the readers find more information about you?

Amazon page:




You can check out YouTube book trailer for Beauty of the Beast:

You can find my books on Amazon:

Beauty of The Beast is available as paperback and eBook:

One of my award winning stories is in anthology Shadows and Teeth – paperback, eBook and audio book available:

And download Recycled – my free story

About the author:


Viktoria Faust is pen name for Croatian horror and SF writer.
Her first novel U anđeoskom liku zvijeri, (written long time ago – in 1994) was published in year 2000. Since then, over the years, she won the title of Croatian Queen of horror novels.
She won four Croatian SF and horror awards: Gaia for her achievements in 1998/1999., and SFera award in years 2001, 2003 and 2007.

She began to write as an experiment, when she was thirteen. She liked the experiment, so by now her name (as author or translator) is in more than fifty books.
She was born in Požega, moved to Zagreb in 1996 and since 2003 lives in Samobor.
Her first short story was published 1996 in literary magazine Plima (where she’ll be present almost in every edition), and few stories she published in SF magazine Futura. Her first theoretical book on topic of vampires was published in year 1999, and a year later her first novel was published.


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