Cover reveal for What We’ve Become by M. Lynne Cunning

What We've Become Paperback.jpg

One choice can change the future, and for Katie Wicken, the future looks bleak. After leaving Chad Kirkwood to start over with her ex-fiancé, Katie finds herself in a relationship she can’t trust.

Then, a cruel twist of fate causes her world to collide with Chad’s once more. This time, however, she’s on Chad’s home turf, and he won’t let the woman he loves slip through his fingers again.

But Katie can’t go back. Her son deserves a life with both his mother and father, and she can’t take that away from him. Not even for her own happiness.

Chad’s not giving up, though.

And when a jealous ex turns up the heat, someone is bound to pay.

If one choice can change the future, then maybe another one can change it back—

But at what cost?

Have you read ‘Who I Am With You’? It’s book #1 in the My Kind Of Country series!
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*** ~ RELEASING JULY 24TH! ~ ***



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