Release day for Full Moon

FullMoon.v1 (1)

Book Blurb:

Hidden lies…hidden demons…hidden battles…All leading to the ultimate sacrifice….

She knows what really brought me here.

She knows the ulterior motives that lead to our friendship.

She doubts what’s in my heart.

What she doesn’t know…all I’m willing to sacrifice in order to ensure eternity for her.

On the brink of putting a face to our enemy, I may have screwed up myself even more. As it turns out, now I’m battling not only an alpha with an uncanny ability to hide where no one can find him, but my own inner demons as well. Physically challenged, my only chance is to rely on two things: my brother and my love for her.

In the end, will Marjorie comprehend the depth of my sacrifice? Or will her pride get in the way of understanding…and her life?


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Trouble hasn’t left us with much time to do anything but worry, argue, and worry some more. But as I take in the flowery aroma from her sweatshirt, and the intoxicating smell of cherry blossoms emanating from her hair, none of that really matters to me.

She’s so close. So full of life. And that is all I care about. Yes, we have to deal with the rest, but this stolen moment will probably not repeat itself for a while.

“We have the right here, right now.” I pull back to look at her face, my arms instinctively tighten around her. I want more closeness between us and this space of about six to eight inches simply won’t do. She needs to be closer still. “I think we should take advantage of these moments when they present themselves,” I use her exact words against her.

Marjorie’s eyes search mine. “That’s probably not a good idea.”

“I know, but I’m going to kiss you anyway.” It’s a bad idea, but I don’t really care. A stolen moment isn’t worth much if you don’t make it count and I intend to make these few minutes alone count.

I claim her lips with a passionate kiss that sends heat flowing throughout my body. My heart beats a steady staccato inside my chest at her fervent response.

We both want this.

We both need this.

Just Marjorie and I expressing our mutual feelings for one another the only way we know how. We may say much or nothing at all, but truth is there’s no feigning the way our bodies respond to each other’s.

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