Release day for Bound to the Moon



For me…

….immortality is a curse….release is an impossibility…and love is the one thing I cannot have.

Forbidden or not, I am determined to save my only ray of hope, regardless of what it’ll cost me.

The moment I met Marjorie I knew she was the one thing I couldn’t have, but that didn’t stop us from bonding. The problem is I’m as much of a threat to her as the alpha hunting her down.

Now that I’m fighting against the clock to save her from an invading pack, I realize the only way to protect her from danger—including myself—is by letting her go. But will my sacrifice be in vain? Can I let her go knowing she’s the only one that can save me?





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Marquis dips his head but he’s barely listening, his full attention is on the paper in his hands. “And this…if it’s real…the lives we could save…”

I take a step back, trying to decipher the look of concentration on my older brother’s face. Something has changed in him. I can see it. I can sense it. What does he mean by that? Lives we could save?

“For what I have heard so far, it appears none of the invading packs are absolutely sure as to the mystery surrounding the girl you are protecting. Just like we have only speculated over whom this girl might be others may have as well. If, according to Bray, they plan to move in sooner, it may be because they have already assumed she is the Lost Child,” Esteban says. “On the other hand, this character, Bray, must know much more than anyone else. He may be enemy or foe, but he’s here for a reason so we might as well find out what brought him here,” Esteban adds.

“Marjorie. Marjorie brought him here. He said so himself,” I interject.

“Yes.” Esteban taps the tips of his fingers on the kitchen table; his expression is one of deep thought. “But why? What does he want? Why would he hand over evidence? If he’s intentions are anything but noble, he’s given himself away by his actions.”

“Maybe that wasn’t his intention at all.” Alexis works a lock of hair behind his left ear. “What if his intention was to make us think he’s someone else? He could be attempting to throw us off.”

“Why would he do that?” Simone’s gaze shifts from her husband to Alexis. I can’t read her

thoughts, but I can tell what she’s thinking: we’ve been played for fools.

I’m beginning to think the same thing.

“To distract us,” I offer. “To make us think his intentions are in fact noble when they’re not.” My heart begins to beat faster as I come to a terrifying conclusion. “Hasn’t that been the alpha’s operating method? To keep us distracted. Busy. Away…from…Marjorie.”

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