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“I am Britannia. I am your protector. I will fend off the hungry hordes of undead hands that reach toward you. I am your steadfast defender. I will stand between you and the zombie masses as they try to taste your flesh. I am strong, unyielding, and dedicated to your survival. All I ask from you… is your blood.” 

A five-hundred-year-old bloody game of vengeance will need to be put on hold if vampires are to survive the zombie uprising. Britannia and Nicholas, bitter enemies and the only two surviving vampires left in London, have to work together to save un-infected humans and deliver them safely to a vampire stronghold in the Scottish Highlands. Unable to drink the zombie ‘bad blood’, the remaining vampires need the humans to stay alive. But will the vampires tell the survivors who they are and what they want from them? Will Britannia be able to hold back her vengeance for the greater good? Is survivor Josh the reincarnation of Britannia’s murdered true love? And can she bring herself to deliver him to the ‘safe’ hold? Survival instincts run deep, but bad blood can run deeper.

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Interview with Nicky Peacock
1. Would you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?
Well, I’m an English author based in the UK. I write both adult and YA paranormal romance, urban fantasy and horror (pretty much any genre with a sharp dark edge to it) I’ve had a number of short stories included in various anthologies through the years, but have just had my first book, Bad Blood published through Evernight Teen.
2. Which project are you currently promoting?
Bad Blood, Battle of the Undead #1 came out 5th September, so this is very much my blood-sucking baby to nurture at the moment.
3. Can you tell us what the book is about?
It’s a kind of Walking Dead meets True Blood for teens. It’s set in London and sees feuding vampires having to work together to save their food supply (the humans) from the undead uprising.
4. What inspired you to write this book?
It was a number of things really. I love both vampire and zombie books, but rarely found them pitied against one another in literature. I really wanted to read a story that threw both of these paranormal creatures into a story blender and see how smooth the end result was – so I wrote it myself. I’ve always been fascinated by the kind of ‘bad blood’ that can seem to develop amongst families, celebrities and even countries. I think it’s one of those things that, as an outsider looking in, you can’t understand how the resentment has escalated – but as one of the feudees (not a word, but sounds like it should be!) you feel totally justified in your anger and bitterness.  So I set about creating a group of characters that would have to set their feuding aside for the greater good and work together – although even as the writer it was kind of hard to get them to play nice at times!
5. How do you deal with negative reviews?
I live my life by a few simple rules and one of those is ‘you can’t please everyone all the time’ – you’d go mad trying, so it’s best to go your own way and hope that a few lovely people follow you down that road and help you on your journey. Bad reviews are a way of life for authors, and whether you’re a multi-million dollar selling one, or one like me whose just starting out – bad reviews will come, the trick is to remember that everyone has a right to their opinion.
6. What other projects are you currently working on?
I write both YA and adult paranormal fiction, so I’m currently working on an adult urban fantasy based on a Hans Christian Anderson tale and also the 2nd in the Battle of the Undead series (sequel to Bad Blood)
7. Is there a message you’d like to get across through your story?
I always try to include a theme in each story I write, usually it’s all down to the lessons that the protagonists learn through their journey and actions. I get a bit frustrated when I read a book (especially a YA one) where the main character starts out slap-able and ends even more slap-able! It just feels like their trials were for nothing, and you went along with them for no other reason than to be told a story. I like to leave readers invigorated at the end of a book, like they just had their best friend tell them the most amazing, action-filled story and that they can see their friend is changed for the better at the end of it all.
8. Where do you see yourself in five years?
That’s a tough question, as the older you get the quicker time seems to be! Five years can go by in a blink of an eye, I mean we’re almost on the cusp of Xmas again! I’d like to think that, in 5 years’ time, I’ll have more books under my literary belt and have entertained a great many happy readers in the process.
9. What is the best advice you can give to a new author?
Anthologies. They’re out there waiting for you to submit to them. Short stories give you a chance to hone your writing skills and the experience of working with an editor. They also give you a good portfolio of work to show potential publishers when you come to sell that big novel.
10. Where can the readers find more information about you?
I’m all over the place!

About the Author: np

I guess I’ve always been a storyteller, not in a ‘liar liar pants on fire’ kind of way, although I do work in advertising! When I was little, kids would crowd around me in the playground and I’d tell them tales of blood soaked horror filled with vampires, werewolves, ghosts and more. Yes, most would consider me a disturbed child, but my playmates couldn’t help themselves, they’d huddle around me every break time like an ancient tribe feeding off the fear; and that’s how I learned that horror stories hold a certain power, no matter what some might say, everyone is addicted to a good scare, especially if it is somewhat rooted safely in unrealistic beings… or are they unrealistic?

Writing was really a natural progression. Right now I’m obsessed with writing: a YA Urban Fantasy novel, a Paranormal Romance novella series, and several short horror stories! So I’m currently living in a functional fiction coma – and loving it!

I’ve so far been published in 5 countries: USA, UK, Australia, Ireland and Canada and had short stories included in 40 anthologies with over 17 publishers.



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