Guest Post by Joy Fulcher

Banner - Client No 5 by Joy Fulcher

Title: Client Nº 5

Author: Joy Fulcher

Release date: January 7th, 2014

Genre: Erotic Romance

Tour: Irresistible Reads Book Tours

Book Description: client

Ally loves her job. She makes good money, has great work friends, and lives in the best city in the world.

Sure, being an upscale escort has its downfalls. The sex is usually bad, and it’s always about satisfying the client’s needs, not one’s own. But Ally didn’t end up in this business for lack of other opportunities. She’s good at what she does and is proud she can command a high price for it. What Ally really gets out of it, though, is a sense of freedom, of power and control that she severely lacks in her private life. She’s closed off from everyone around her, including herself.

Everything gets thrown into chaos, however, when she gets the call for a new client, her fifth of the night. Scott Walker is different. He’s a young go-getter executive accustomed to getting whatever he wants. And ultimately he doesn’t want Ally’s body; he wants her heart. But that’s the one thing she refuses to give up.
Ally is forced to make the hardest decision of her life: to stay in her comfort zone or step outside it for someone who might just be worth the risk.

If you think you’ve read every story about a hooker with a heart of gold, think again. Sexy and edgy, Client No.5 will seduce you into the intimate world of a high-class call girl, strutting its stilettos into the raw, erotic territory Pretty Woman feared to tread.

Guest Post


I thought it would be nice to introduce you all to Ally, the lead character and let you all get to know her a little better. So, please, let me introduce you all to Ally Mitchell.

Joy: Hi Ally, thanks for coming and chatting with me today.

Ally: My pleasure, Joy.

Joy: Could you tell everybody a little about yourself?

Ally: Sure thing. I’m 24 years old, I live in New York city and I’m a high class escort. Now, before you all judge me as a whore or a drug addict, just give me a chance. I’m actually neither of those things. I’ve never touched an illegal drug in my life and while I do have sex with men for money, in my private life I’m actually quite demure.

Joy: How do you reconcile those two parts of yourself?

Ally: It’s quite simple for me. I have a work persona. It’s like putting on a mask. The men I work with never get to know the real me.

Joy: So, no one’s ever cracked your mask?

Ally: Only one. But you’ll have to read the book to find out how that ended up. What I will say is that it was terrifying for me to have my guard down.

Joy: Care to share a little about this guy who got through your shell?

Ally: *blushes* His name is Scott. He owns his own business and he’s infuriatingly sweet. And don’t even get me started on his skills in the bedroom.

Joy: Why so shy? You don’t have any problem getting into the dirty details in the book.

Ally: That’s true. Ok, well one tidbit… he does this thing with his tongue that makes my toes curl. It’s pretty amazing.

Joy: Maybe you could lend him to me sometime? *laughs* But, seriously, it would be great if you could share something with the reads of this blog that they wouldn’t know about you just from reading the book.

Ally: Well, you know how I don’t like to share personal details about myself… but you all seem like a nice group. All right. My brother, douche bag that he can be, is actually the best person I know. The only regret I have about my work is that I know he’d be devastated if he found out. He’s everything a big brother should be. Caring and loyal, playful and protective. But don’t get all gooey eyed, ladies. He can be a total ass too.

Joy: You’re tricky… that wasn’t about you at all.

Ally: *laughing* You got me. I’m well practiced at deflection. Okay, here’s a real fact about me. One of my favorite things in the whole world is sitting in bed, with a great book, when there’s a storm outside. I love the sound of the wind howling through the buildings, the rain tapping on the windows and the thunder rumbling above. I feel the chaos of it in my heart. I know that sounds strange, but I love it.

Joy: Ally, it’s been great chatting with you and getting a little insight into who you are. Care to tell the readers where they can pick up your story.

Ally: I’d love to. My story, Client No 5, is available in paperback and ebook at Amazon,, or from Omnific Publishing direct, starting January 7th.  I hope you all enjoy reading my story.

About the Author: joy

Joy is a fiery redhead who takes full advantage of the Australian lifestyle, sunning herself on tropical beaches and flirting with handsome lifeguards. She loves cats, books and chocolate, and of course the male physique. Joy started writing as a teenager and never stopped, although she writes about much more mature topics now. You can often find Joy browsing the shelves of her local bookstore or researching her favorite city, New York, in preparation of fulfilling her lifelong dream to live there one day.

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