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BLURB: heartofwarcover
Inside the Heart of every Warrior breathes the Soul of a Hero–even within The Heart of War.
Meet Ares God of War, the greatest Warrior the world has ever known. He’s moody, grumpy, dominant, ravenously sexual, and above all, built like a Greek God.
Suspected of killing his Daughter in-Law, Psyche, and long in exile from Olympus, the solitude of Ares’ secluded Greek Isle is interrupted when Magdalena MacLeod a plucky little Fey washes up on his shore after believing she’s been shipwrecked. It’s not mere fate that has brought the unlikely couple together yet it may be what tears them apart.
Get lost in this sweeping dark saga of lust, rage, revenge, and redemption. Battle Ancient Gods while falling in love with Ares God of War and Alena MacLeod. They share a love that will rock the world from the heights of Olympus to the Celtic moors.
The Heart of War contains scenes of graphic sex and violence. As such, this novel and the entire OF WAR Series are intended for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY it is NOT recommended for the Faint of Heart.


Alena’s heart skipped a beat at his pleading request; she brought her mouth closer to its ultimate goal until her lips settled just over the tip.  “Please…wh-at?” she whispered.

Ares’ hips rose off the sand as they probed around looking for the source of the hot wind that fled over him.  “Please take me.”

Alena’s fingers wound the rest of the way down his inviting body to the hard shaft between his legs that protruded upward past his belly button toward his washboard stomach and that masculine patch of hair on his chest.  The tool wielded by the God of War was beyond anything she had seen even in the pornography she sometimes watched when she lived in Boston alone at night in her bedroom.  She could hardly believe she’d had it all inside of her and could have begged for more.  “Say you’re mine.”  Even if it is just for tonight, please, please, please… “Say you’re mine.”  Long soft fingers wrapped around the bulging shaft and the God of War let out a heated sigh as she began to pump him, her lips hovering just over him making the heat between them moist with her breath.

Looking down at her, he smiled a little bit realizing the dominant had suddenly become the submissive and was glad for it.  “I am helpless before you, woman.”

Alena licked away the saliva beginning to ooze from the corners of her mouth.  She bent her head and took him into her mouth as far as she dared.  Ares grunted and pounded the sand at his sides as her tongue danced around him and her hand pumped his hot shaft, coaxing it further and further down her slender throat.  The taste was divine, the feel of it, like granite wrapped in silk.  It slid over her tongue, down her throat, and all she wanted was more.  The hands in the sand grabbed the sides of her head and his firm hips rose high in the air to meet her mouth and stayed there, hovering, waiting, anticipating the release of the pressure building up within and the eruption to follow.

First the God of War froze from head to toe, he let out a howl as his eyes rolled back in his head and he bolted to a half sitting position.

The eruption that accompanied the wanton howl seemed to rain down in buckets of warm cherries.  Not wanting to waste what he was so kind as to give her, Alena took down as much as she could, letting the intriguing taste linger on her tongue.  No other man tasted like cherries.  Most of them were salty as the ocean and smelled as foul as the bottom of a deep bog.  Not Ares.  She liked the touch and the scent of him, the taste of him left her wanting more.


BLURB: Child of War Book 2

Do you remember Damien? Raven makes that kid look like an angel.

In book #2 of the OF WAR Series, Ares settles down with his wife, Alena, to await the birth of their son, Raven. As Alena struggles to enjoy what should be a blessed event, prophetic visions of an adult Raven haunt her dreams. Are they true visions or false ones implanted by Cernunnos who told her the boy would bring glory to Ares but only pain and agony to her? The strong but delicate Fey is relentlessly bombarded by hostility from the Olympians making her yearn to be back on Ares� secluded island home, far away from all the bickering and backstabbing that makes up Life on mighty Mount Olympus.

Before Raven is even born, Zeus outwardly despises him for his Fey blood given to him by his filthy Celtic mother. With no way out and no way to keep his family safe from his father, Zeus the God of Gods, Ares enters into a blood pact that could cost the God of War everything he holds dear.

After a harrowing birth wherein mother and son are nearly lost to Ares, it quickly becomes clear that Raven may be the most powerful and cunning Olympian ever born despite his muddled bloodline.

As Zeus, Apollo, and Aphrodite plot against the new family by carefully planting the seeds of rage and doubt in Ravens’ mind, they turn son against mother. It appears as though Alena�s visions and Cernunnos’ prophecy are coming to life as Raven grows to be a very angry young man.

As the true past between the Olympians and Celts is revealed, the battle for Ravens’ mind and the ultimate control of Olympus begins. Before it’s over, the white snows of Olympus will run red with blood.


Alena was at the mercy of ecstasy and just waiting for him to mount her, to feel him deep inside, piercing her, pushing his way through wet walls that had waited too long already.  That wasn’t what she felt and she rose quickly out of that blissful daze, “No!” she shouted as she twisted away from him.

Ares still had a hold of her hip and he held her down with ease although she squirmed and bucked.  “Mine,” he hissed, “you’re mine and you’ll do what I want, whatever I want, whatever I say.”

“No,” the defiance in her voice faded to a whisper.  Up until now, everything had been beyond her dreams and desires and she was willing to do nearly anything he asked, but not this.

The strong stench of fear wafted up to him but the ties at her wrists held tight, telling him he had yet to cross a line.  At the knots, her little hands were balled into fists wrapped around the cloth as she tried to use it to pull away from him.  With a grin he looked down at the dildo making its way inside of her and realized her problem; it was extremely realistic yet somewhat smaller than his own cock.  “You think I’d share you with another man?  You’re out of your mind.”  Pushing the large toy further into her, Ares spread out his hand so that she could feel his fingers gliding on her inner thighs and know he was telling the truth.  “There is no one else here.  Lay down.”  Alena didn’t readily do as he commanded so he stated his demand again with a little more force.  “Down.  Now.”

The harder she fought the Bonds the higher she began to fly.  Fear and passion rose in swift competition but passion won out in the end even as her arms fought against the restraints.  What he was doing felt so good and so right she never wanted it to end.  With her breath hitching in her chest and her mind racing with desire, Alena collapsed against the pillows.

“Good girl,” Ares mumbled as he continued working her with the dildo, sliding it in and out of her.  The deeper it went the wetter she became with each stroke.  “You can’t fight me, you’re mine.”

“Ares…my Lord, my Love…please….” The intense beauty of this moment, one she thought she’d never have again, made her so joyous it brought a tear to her eye that trickled below the blindfold.

“Please, what?” Ares asked for a second time as the pace of his hand quickened, thrusting the handy tool in and out of her with speed and skill.  Alena was so wet it moved in her as though it had been made to fit her.

“Don’t stop,” she begged in a long rolling moan.  As the build-up came to its crescendo, the world spun wildly on its axis so swiftly she thought they’d be flung out into the far outer reaches of space and time.  That would be just fine with her.  Unable to hold back the wave of desire any longer, she let go and gave all that her Husband demanded until there was no more to give, until his hand was covered and the blanket below her soaked through.  When the crushing wave of climax was nearly over, he buried his bearded cheeks between her legs to lap up the trickle still ushering forth.  That brought a second, smaller, climax. “I love you,” she cried out softly.

“And I you, never forget that, Alena.”  Licking the last of her juices from his lips, Ares slithered over her quivering body to see her face flushed with color and laid his large hand over the place where her heart beat so rapidly he thought it would never calm.  With the blink of his gleaming onyx eyes, the leather pants disappeared and so did his boots; he lay naked and free at her side, letting his hands run wild over her before sliding up her sweaty frame and mounting her head.  Running the tip of his hard cock along her parted lips, “What’s this?”

Alena didn’t hesitate to answer, “Mine, it’s mine.”  She opened her mouth to receive him.  His cock was hot and hard but still decadently soft, a fist in a velvet glove, as her tongue danced around it and beads of sweat broke out between her exposed breasts.

BLURB: RIsing Son Book 4

On the verge of manhood, Raven’s rampage continues
As he begins the difficult path to Acceptance by his fellow Olympians. Out to prove he’s as good, if not better than, any of them he bests the Trials set before him by Hades and Poseidon. This isn’t enough for him, in his quest to prove to his Father, Ares, that he is an Olympian Raven preys upon the Mortals below Olympus in a time of great weakness. Settling for nothing less than Chaos, he enlists the aid of his Uncle Apollo and pushes the Mortals to pure anarchy when a global financial crisis leaves the entire world destitute, in ruins, and at each other’s throats. Ready to conquer his Trials, take his place at the Counsel Table, and bring Ares the glory Cernunnos once prophesized, only one thing stands in his way; the night his Mother fell down the stairs.
Alena, her body asleep in Ares’ bed for four long years, is lost deep in the clutches of a never-ending dream induced by Morpheus. After years of living an illusion and becoming Morpheus Wife, Alena discovers his deception and struggles to escape her prison. Morpheus has no intentions of ever letting her go. He’ll fight to the death to keep her.
Apollo, ever the Man Behind the Curtain, pulls Raven’s strings like a true puppet master. It’s far too late when Raven realizes all he’s done to please his Father actually makes Ares look guilty of destroying the Mortal World. A little Chaos and a little Anarchy aren’t enough for the Golden God, in his on-going quest to destroy Ares, Apollo sets a plague loose upon the Earth. A bio-chemical weapon stolen from the United States Government at Area 51, known commonly as Major Falls. By the time the Olympians discover what’s going on twenty million people are dead with the number multiplying exponentially every day.
With only one option left to each of them, Raven and Alena turn to their unlikeliest of enemies– Aphrodite and Apollo for help. One night in the bed of the Goddess of Love can be painful but one night in the bed of the Golden God can kill and destroy all that Ares and Alena have built and endured. To ensure that her beloved Husband and her Son are not put to death she may have no other choice.





Aphrodite sighed sorrowfully and frowned as she let the poker fall out of her hand and to the floor as her grip on his hair softened and she let her fingers feel the silkiness of his dark tresses.


“I can make you happy if you let me.  A woman like you should never be sad and lonely.”


The hand that, moments ago, threatened to pierce his eyes and then his heart wandered gently along the nape of his neck.  “I want to believe you.”


“So do it,” Raven dared.  “Take a chance.”  Her face was close, so close, Raven leaned forward and kissed her, she nearly melted against him.  Those lovely thighs loosened further and she slid down him until his hard cock was resting against the crack of her fine ass making him kiss her deeper before he pulled away.  “Let me go, take these chains off me, I’ll make it all go away, all the pain, the sorrow, the loneliness, I’ll give you pleasure, I’ll fill you with the bliss and passion you’re so longing for.”


With the tangy taste of his Ichor on her tongue and her ample breasts pressed against his chest, Aphrodite looked deep into Raven’s strangely haunting eyes.  “No,” she whispered and started to rock her hips, brushing that waiting space between her lower cheeks over the his throbbing cock.  “Silver tongued devil.”  She breathed deep to catch his scent again letting it fill her head with wicked thoughts of desire.  “I won’t let you go.”  Pushing her thighs together again she rose up on his torso to loom over him before bending to kiss him again, gnashing her lips to his and forcing his mouth open with her tongue as she slid down him until his cock pressed against the folds of flesh between her legs.  Keeping her body hugged tightly against his she bit his lip and then nibbled her way, in hard little bites, down the nape of his neck as she took him inside, inch by excruciatingly slow inch until he was buried to the hilt inside her wet swollen walls.


Raven let out a long low grunt of pleasure as his eyes rolled back in his head.


“That’s what it feels like to be inside a Goddess,” she whispered in his ear, “so much better than that little Nymph of yours, isn’t it?”


“Yes,” Raven moaned, wishing he could wrap his arms around her and pump her up and down on him.  But there was no need, soon she was pumping away, using the strength in those legs fastened around him to pull herself up and down on his hard shaft with growing ferocity.  “Go on, do it, you sexy bitch.  Come on, fuck me, show me what’cha got.”


Aphrodite planted her hands on his strong shoulders for more leverage as she worked her way up and down, around and around on his shaft letting it fill every lonely inch of her long neglected pussy.  She didn’t even have to close her eyes to imagine a young Ares strapped up in the chains.  Aphrodite, unable to be anything true to her nature, let the heat of the moment carry her away.   She forgot all about Trinity and revenge.  She forgot about Apollo and his broken promises.  There was nothing but this blissful moment in time and the glorious feel of his hard body bathed in sweat.  Each meeting of their hips made her wetter.


“That’s it,” Raven encouraged in a husky whisper, “yeah, give it to me.”  Raven, his hands wrapped around the short chains, used the strength in his arms for leverage as he bent at the knees and rose upward to meet the rising rhythm of her thrusting hips.

BLURB: womenofwar

Venture on a Mystical Journey through Time and Secrets Past
This story spans four generations of women in Alena’s family from her great-grandmother, Shar Draïocht the last known Queen of the Dark Kingdom. Morrowind, her tortured daughter. Maven, Alena’s free spirited mother. And ends the night Alena washed up on Ares’ shore. With intensity, lust, fear, and strength these Women of War make their way in the world revealing the hidden truths of the past and Ares true connection to his beloved Wife, Alena.





“My Lord?” Shar whispered quietly as she gazed up at him with wide eyes full of confusion and fear.


Liking the sound of it, Ares smiled then held a hand out to help her to feet.  “That’s right, I’m Lord.”  He swept her off her feet and laid her down on the bed where his mouth closed down just under her ear and she let out a long shiver as her arms wrapped around him.  Shar’s chilly breasts pressed against his furry chest, her arms and legs wrapped around him bringing him closer.  Ares pulled away to gaze down at her and rolled his tongue along his lips.  She trembled in a shudder of passion and fear that brought her closer to the edge.   “Don’t worry, little Queen, I won’t tell anyone what you let me do tonight.”


Wanting that and so much more, the powerful Queen of the Dark Kingdom offered up no resistance, only a long wanton sigh when he pinned her arms over her head with one hand.  Then he descended her body covering her cold breasts with his hot mouth, his moist tongue lapping along their mounds.  Her breath came in heavy shallow gasps as she reached down to run her hands through his long hair and let the fire within him warm her to the chilly marrow in her delicate bones.  They roamed wildly through silky strands of hair laying over his firm rippled back and down his broad shoulders.  Just the feel of his skin below her hands brought the fire she sought for so long and was denied.  Fae men were small, delicately framed like the women.  They were scrawny and always smelled badly even though she had them washed before they marched into her bedchamber.  They were hardly what a woman, a small woman like her, would call upon for safe haven.  They were not what a woman of power could surrender to even for a few moments of promised bliss.


When he laid himself over her, Ares body covered her entirely like a warm blanket.  A haven.  A place she could hide and show her true self for those few moments of promised bliss.  He was warm, so warm, all she wanted was for him to let her lay next to him, wrap her arms around him, rest her head over his beating heart and have him hold her close throughout the cold dark nights.  The lower his hands and lips went the hotter she grew until all of the iciness that plagued her so long dissipated and her lean body heaved below him trying to get closer still.


Down the flat of her tiny stomach and over the sides of a waist his could lace his fingers around, the mound of dark hair between her legs waited for him.  Inviting him closer was the gentle scent of honeysuckle and cinnamon wafting from its musky walls.  Such a delightful scent he’d never known and it seemed he couldn’t breathe in enough of it to fully please him only to tease his already fevered mind. It made the slightly perverted thoughts there turn darker still racing with images of wicked delights so real it took his heartbeat with them and together they charged, two wild horses racing against the wind.

About the author:



All of my books and stories filled with steamy sex, hot passion, dark intrigue, and nail biting suspense. As such, all of them are intended for a Mature Audience Only this includes most of my non-fiction books.

I’ve been married for the last 27 years to my wonderful husband and incredibly talented musician & rockin’ DJ, Roy. We live in my hometown of New London, CT where we have raised two beautiful daughters to adulthood.
My writing career began in junior high, around the 7th grade. A fact that my fellow students adored but often got me called down to the Guidance Counselor’s Office to discuss the adult nature of my early stories. While the experience was never pleasant, I was not deterred by the counselors’ worries I was spurred onward by them, as well as by my teachers, and my classmates, I continued to hone my craft throughout those formative years.
Through my full-length novels and series I bring conflict, passion, love, and suspense to unique couples–how about a Greek God and a Fey, a retiring military man and an aging widowed hippie, a famous writer/director and a lonely hitch-hiker, or a b-grade actor and a very lucky first-time author? Since I’m never one to shy away from the less pleasant things in life, indeed I believe that it is in the Darkness where Character is created, determined, and defined, my heroes and heroines have their love tested by demons from within and without. My books are for those who like their reading on the gritty side. They are not intended for the faint of heart or those who enjoy a sweet read.
Also, being a Pagan (which is helpful when I write about the Ancient Gods!) I’ve penned a few useful guides for Ritual Sex/Love Magick and for those wanting to start out exploring Magickal Herbalism.


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