The Misconceptions of Reading Romance

Hello readers,

Today I have a very interesting guest editorial for all of those interested in learning what an author thinks about the assumptions people have when it comes to literature. As an author myself, I came to find this post particularly attention-grabbing.


The Misconceptions of Reading Romance


As a writer and reader of romance novels, I tend to hear a lot of interesting assumptions people have regarding the literary genre. it seems to be the one genre that people are quick to jump on and insult, even if they’ve never read a single book. Unfortunately, we all know what happens when people assume… it makes an ass out of them, not me (or you).

Let’s explore some of the cliché romance assumptions and some of the hidden benefits.

1. Romance novels are only read/written by women who are sexually deprived.


This is like saying that porn is only watched by people who can’t get laid. People who receive sexual attention could never be interested in reading and seeing other people having sex. Right. Romance novels are read by all types of women: straight, bi, gay, partnered or single. Women who get laid all the time, others who do it themselves with a little help from and others who don’t get laid at all. Diversity, it’s pretty cool.

2. Women who a read/write romance novels have<a href=””&gt; unrealistic dating and sex expectations</a>.<br />

This one pretty much says that women aren’t capable of discerning reality from fantasy. What about the people who love to watch sci-fi movies? Are they unrealistically expecting our earth to be taken over by aliens and will be severely disappointed when it doesn’t?  Enjoying a romance novel is no different than enjoying a murder mystery; we read to escape and for enjoyment not to form our approach to love.

3. Romance novel are only read/written by women who are dumb.

This assumption is particularly annoying. Since when does someone’s pastimes dictate their level of intelligence. What about the rocket scientist who likes to relax by watching poorly scripted reality television? What we do in our free time to relax has no bearing on our mental capacity. <a href=””>Plenty of smart chicks</a> are turning the pages of some steamy romance novels.

These assumptions can shove it, you know why? Because reading romance novels can actually be really beneficial for readers.


1. Reading romance can help you refocus your attention on your own relationship. Reading about other’s love for each other can remind you to be thankful for what you have. On the flip side of the coin, it can help you become more introspective about your own relationship and discover issues that may have been weighing you down.

2. Romance novels can also help you become<a href=””&gt; more creative in the bedroom</a>. This genre of books typically hosts some pretty hot sex scenes that can help incite a little creativity and spark into a readers sex life.

3. And on a totally different level, romance novels can actually broaden your vocabulary. Reading, in and of itself, can always help you become  a better writer/reader, but romance novels frequently house some pretty fun adjectives, comprised of words you don’t usually see.

So the next time you hear someone making an asinine assumption, shut ‘em down. Let them know their assumptions are just that and then toss ’em a book.



About the author:

Lindsay Taft is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed bookworm who enjoys reading and writing about romance novels.

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