Book Spotlight for 24 Hours to a New U

Hello readers,

I have a book spotlight for 24 Hours to a New U by author Bre Ashley.

book-cover-1667x2500Book Blurb:

Confidence. Patience. Hope. Trust. Faith. Attention. Ambition. “24 Hours to a New U” is a Self-Help booklet that takes you on an exciting self-reflecting journey in just 24 hours. “24 Hours to a New U” encourages you to “Maximize Your Flavor” with a cup of hot tea, learn how to “T.R.U.S.T.” and dream higher. With edgy stories such as “Virtue or Vice” and classy stories such as “Wine Down,” BRE Ashley challenges her readers to explore their inner self in “24 Hours to a New U!”

Link to buy book:

About the author:


Although born in Hartford, CT, BRE Ashley has spent most of her years in Atlanta, GA. Her harmonious relationship with music evolved when she was a young girl, and now her ink runs dry without it. She fell in love with Accounting, Music, and Writing on her quest to discover her purpose in life as a student at Georgia Southern University and then became “Sleepless” in Atlanta on her Auditing journey in Corporate America.

As a Who’s Who Among Colleges and Universities recipient, BRE Ashley left a legacy at Georgia Southern through her leadership and countless accolades and received her Bachelor’s Degree from GSU.

Her writing style is imaginative yet, edgy and resourceful. Combining rhetorical questions and emotional topics such as love, trust, and fear, she challenges her readers to self-reflect. With a tender voice, she provides her readers with videos in which she vocalizes her thoughts. She welcomes readers of all ages to the BRE life, where we live our dreams and inspire others one word at a time!

Author Bio & Page:



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