Review for the Foundlings

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Today I have another great review. If you’re a fan of vampires then you definitely have to read this review. Who knows, this might be just the right novel for you.

The Foundlings

Book Blurb:

After the worst year of his life, all Donnie wanted was happiness, and when he met Abbie, he was sure he had found it. But their happiness together is placed in jeopardy after a chilling encounter. They are dragged in to the world of Vampires. Orphaned, now they must fight to survive, fight to live and fight to keep their love alive. They find themselves outcasts in this world, the world of the Foundlings.

In the vampire world of Foundlings, their kind is hunted mercilessly. Donnie and Abbie  meet Espee and Nox, who along with other Foundlings stand to protect their members. As the leader of the den, Espee teaches them to survive, to hide, and to avoid detection from the formal Bloodlines.

You see every vampire originated from a Bloodline Source, and each Bloodline could only birth a certain number of vampires from its Source. As it turned out, Foundlings complicated the formal Bloodlines’ plans and their possible numbers. For every risen Foundling, there would be one less vampire available to the corresponding Bloodline. Every formal Bloodline down the line, from the Reich all the way to the Old Ones, cared little for Foundlings. The reason for their hatred was unknown to every Foundling. To every Bloodlines, these bastard offspring, these “accidents,” were simply intolerable.

Can Donnie and Abbie’s love survive? Can Espee figure out a way to protect her kind? She sees something in Donnie, something she has never seen in any other Foundling. Will he be the key?

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My Review:

Where to start with this book? My goodness. It is unlike anything I’ve ever read before that’s for sure. I have to say that The Foundlings is definitely refreshing.

At first, during the opening scene, I had a hard time following, but once I got to the first chapter things immediately picked up. I didn’t have to read half way through the book for the plot to kick into full gear (thank God for that). I was instantly drawn to the main characters and it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Donnie and Abbie. I mean, seriously, how could you not fall in love with them? They were perfect for each other and I think they complimented each other very well.

One of the things that I truly enjoyed was the diversity of religions. R.M. Garcia did a great job at both separating and bringing the them together at just the right time. The plot was unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Granted, I’ve read my fair share of vampire books before, but this one was uniquely different. I was fascinated by the different bloodlines and the abilities that came with each one.

It was incredibly gratifying to read something new and different. There are times when new and different does not work well together in a story, but in this case it made the entire plot pop. Though I will say that I was devastated by the many tragedies along the way—one of them in particular—I kind of understood where the author was going with it.

Overall, The Foundlings was a very interesting, completely invigorating, and fresh read that I readily enjoyed. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

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