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For those of you that enjoy something along the lines of nonfiction, here’s a little something to inspire both the heart and the mind.


Book Blurb:

Good Race Vibes: Everything You Need to Know to Feel Good about Race shows whites and blacks how to elevate their thoughts and feelings about race. This groundbreaking process explains the connection between race and energy and how racism is sustained. New, good race vibrations are introduced while exploring some of the most common racial distortions. Together they override hidden messages that keep you in a non-productive emotional state. With Good Race Vibes you will learn how to cultivate a balanced attitude about race, attract satisfying experiences, and enjoy a greater sense of freedom.

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“Well written uplifting guide to understanding and overcoming racial tensions within yourself. A refreshing and blameless method that will appeal to many”. -Sarah, Commerce, OK (Amazon Review)

“(It is) a snappy, easy-to-read…and very powerful book. What a wonderful contribution (she) has made to helping Americans achieve racial harmony!” -Jamie, Cambridge, MA (Amazon Review)

Book Excerpt:


Are you tired of the distorted racial beliefs and images that describe whites and blacks? Weary from choosing sides? Or perhaps you’re frustrated with the never- ending blame game. If so, then you are ready to partici- pate in one of the most dynamic transformations to take place in the twenty-first century.  Good Race Vibes shows whites and blacks how to ele- vate their thoughts and feelings about race. It is an en- ergetic process that dispels ingrained distorted racial beliefs and images simply by understanding their ori- gins. You can then cultivate a balanced racial attitude, attract satisfying experiences, and enjoy a new sense of freedom. Over twenty years ago, I knew I was destined to write a book about the white and black relationship in America. Although the form has changed many times, the essential message remained the same—individuals must change their thoughts. From the first, this subject has been dear to my heart, and I’m convinced it is a sig- nificant message for an improved and happier existence. My focus is on whites and blacks because I want to address our unique relationship. I truly believe the key to transforming our racial rift is to concentrate our ef- forts in a way that is far different from what we’ve tried
Good Race Vibes Everything You Need to Know to Feel Good About Race
in the past—we heal not as a group but as individuals and do it in a loving and non-accusatory way. The majority of whites and blacks are unaware that racism is a form of energy and its existence is depend- ent upon their attitude. Take a look around. The sheer number of distorted racial images regarding whites and blacks is downright depressing. For many the lines are blurred and sometimes we can’t distinguish fact from fiction. Whites and blacks have been locked into roles that keep both groups from moving forward until a con- scious shift takes place within each group. My goal is to create a work that is reader friendly, concise, and appealing; a rather tall order considering the subject, yes? Our society is riddled with heavy tomes on a tired subject, often reaching the point where one shudders at the mere mention of another race book. Good Race Vibes lays out an unconventional course to neutralize the racial distortions embedded in the shared psyche of blacks and whites. I believe I’ve succeeded in making a contentious subject appealing, and it is my sincere hope that you feel the same once you begin the process of changing your race vibes. More important, the book will help whites and blacks separate themselves from the racial mindset estab- lished by the combined energies of the early colonists and enslaved Africans. It was their attitude about race
Good Race Vibes Everything You Need to Know to Feel Good About Race
that set the tone for racism existing in our country to- day. And it doesn’t stop there. This life-changing pro- cess will support black Americans in easing anger, hurt, and pain while at the same time aid white Americans in releasing fear, resentment, and guilt. Once the connec- tion is recognized you can generate good race vibes and racism will not longer be at the forefront of your life. This groundbreaking process is based on my eight- een-year quest to help white and black Americans align with an authentic and accurate image of themselves. I arranged this book to include my racial background and experiences, the book’s inspiration, and the nuts and bolts; the connection between race and energy and how racism is maintained. Last, I introduce twelve good race vibes that address the most common racial distortions. Together they will dig deep to override hidden messag- es that keep you feeling angry, indifferent, resentful, en- vious, sad, guilty, disappointed, and fearful. Then you’ll align with a new level of vitality and thereby gain great- er sensitivity toward whites and blacks. This, my friends, is how you can create a new race paradigm. This is ex- citing and significant. Too often you’ll hear people say that they want racial change on a mass level, but they don’t recognize the importance of adjusting their own personal thought patterns before they can witness a greater transformation.
Good Race Vibes Everything You Need to Know to Feel Good About Race
So, why would you need my book? Well, if you’re tired of false and demeaning characterizations, tired of trying to prove you’re not a stereotype, tired of seeking validation, tired of being portrayed as a one-dimensional being, or just exhausted from feeling angry, my book can help you change all that. If you’re eager to experi- ence harmonious living, just read on.

About the author:


An interest in astrology led to a life-changing 18-year career as an intuitive. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Watts, I have worn many hats (including family advocate, intuitive, veteran) all which have provided me with unique insight into the needs of others.

I am currently living in a town that some consider to be the jewel of Oregon.  It’s as beautiful today as when I first relocated here over a decade ago and continues to inspire me daily.  When I am not gazing at the impressive Siskiyou Mountains, I’m either watching my favorite detective shows, listening to eclectic music, or in front of my computer working.

My heart’s desire is to remind individuals, white and black, that race is only a part of our life story.   And that’s what I think this life’s journey is all about.

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