The Golden Horn book excerpt

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I have a book excerpt from author M.A.Donovan’s first fantasy novel, The Golden Horn. So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy.



Book Blurb:

Galen was no hero, but he prided himself on doing the right thing. When two mysterious women, dressed in men’s clothes, appear with a life or death mission to save the kingdom, his first instinct is to turn them away. It’s not his fight, or so he thinks, as day by day he gets drawn further into the magical battle for survival. Only one thing can get him out now — a legendary weapon, forged from the Gods themselves. If fallen into the wrong hands, it could spell a life of torment for the people in the land, so he sharpens his blade and sets forth on a dangerous quest to find THE GOLDEN HORN.

Book Excerpt:

A white wolf, measuring just short of Galen’s six feet and weighing at least twice his weight, growled at him. It had long, sturdy legs and the fur on its back bristled, sparkling with a shiny element. As it took a step toward him, the creature erupted in blue flame.

He cursed, knowing what he was up against. Most of these creatures were said to be gone, but a few still existed, brought forth by the sorcerer Cloya long ago. NecroWolves sniffed out and fed on magic users. They were the reason so many magical beasts had disappeared. They devoured a sorcerer’s power and once the victim was weakened, the NecroWolf snacked on their bones.

From the marks on Elke’s arms, she had put up a powerful fight. Despite what she had had in mind for him, Galen regretted seeing her so injured.

“You have got to be kidding me,” whispered Vlad.

“I’ll draw his attention. You go behind him and attack.”

Galen stood between Elke and the NecroWolf.

“You want her? You’ll have to get through me first.”

The monster roared and charged him, but before it could strike, it fell back and growled toward something in the trees. Galen looked over his shoulder and saw a shimmer of light coming closer. A voice whispered in his head.

“My son, you must learn to pick the right battles. This nymph isn’t worth your life.”

Maya came into focus. Her hand was outstretched toward the NecroWolf , holding it back in an invisible barrier.

“Galen, what is it? What’s happening?” asked Vlad.

Fairies only revealed themselves to certain people. All Vlad could see was a bright light and an angry NecroWolf getting back to its feet.

Galen didn’t want his mother here. The NecroWolf would feed off her power. He could take care of himself.

Maya sensed his thoughts and said, “Not against this ancient beast of evil. Go back to your camp, Galen. I will hold him off until you are far enough away.” She smiled at him. “Do not worry about your old mother. I have more magic than him. I’ll be okay.”

Galen ran to Elke’s side. She was still breathing, but very shallowly, so he picked up her petite form and headed into the trees, nodding toward his mother. Vlad followed. As Galen turned to leave, he saw Maya falter and the NecroWolf advance. He would have run back but she suddenly threw up a shield that blocked him from returning to the clearing.

“Go, my son.”

He heeded her words and started to run back to camp. Before he arrived, he heard his mother’s faint scream, followed by a loud roar, and then nothing.

About the author:


M.A. Donovan is the author of several published short stories and an article on karate. She has self-published three non-fiction books, a short story collection, and two novels. The Golden Horn is her first fantasy novel of which she has been working on for years, since twelfth grade, and has recently had professionally edited.

Donovan lives in Michigan, where she is currently working on her next novel, with her dog, Sheba. She also writes horror and thrillers under the name Shelby Patrick.

Visit her at or her blog at Her email address is kariah@donovanfantasyauthor. You can also find her on Facebook (ShelbyPatrickAuthor) and Twitter (@shelbypatrick).

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