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Not too long ago I posted an interview with author Inez Reilly, where she talked a little about herself and her novel, Beholden. Today, I have the pleasure of having her as a guest on my blog once again. This time she had a few things to say about her greatest passion, writing. But first, a quick peek at her latest book.

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Book Blurb:

As the people of Galena go about their lives, there is a menace lurking in their town. People are vanishing, leaving families in chaos. Who or what is terrorizing the community? The townspeople are looking for answers and demanding action. Is simple faith enough to combat this darkness that has enveloped the city? Is a police force enough to put an end to the madness?

For the members of the multicultural Wisdom Outreach Center it is business, as usual. They have families, careers and ambitions. They, also, have secrets. Their inner battles and private longings bind them together in ways that are hidden from them all. As people begin to disappear, a terror is created throughout the community that is growing out of control. Pastor Zeke Montgomery and Chief Gavin Palmer and the police squad are under scrutiny as the people of Galena are looking for answers about the evil that lurks in the shadows.

As the citizens of Galena search themselves, they begin to wonder if they are prepared to meet their maker. There are families that begin to ponder if the missing members are finally being made to atone for their sins. Introspection creates thoughts of what would be done if they had a second chance. All the while, fear is gripping their hearts with each missing person and passing day. Are the acts the work of a lone assailant or something more sinister?

Inez Reilly takes you on a journey inside the lives of people who represent us all – people with hopes, dreams, good intentions, regrets, nightmares and ill meaning. As with all of Ms. Reilly’s fiction works, there are guaranteed thrills and surprises. You will be on the edge of your seat, guessing and having to guess again, as you try to solve the mysteries behind the disappearances.

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PAPERBACK – $14.99

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And now a few words from Inez Reilly…


When you are on your chosen path there is little that can be done to get you off track. And you know when you are doing what you are ‘called’ to do; it courses through your veins like life’s blood. You eat, sleep and play your passion. You can bring everything back to what you love, no matter the topic. It can get so annoying to your family and friends, but it becomes a game to you – ‘Let me see how long it takes for me to divert this topic to my passion.’

Well, my passion is writing. I love it. I express myself best with words. I can woo a lover with words, just as easily as I can order off the breakfast menu, at McDonald’s. Not that I treat relationships so callously, it was merely an analogy. I have been writing since I can remember. I began to pen my life story before I reached age ten. I still have it and it has been over thirty years ago (I know, a woman should never tell her age). Writing is therapeutic. Writing is entertaining. Writing is meditative. Writing becomes my prayers. Writing is me.

I’ve got the words in me. It doesn’t matter the situation or the topic, I can write about it. Not many people get that, but other writers do. They understand word play and how they run through the mind and how quickly a story can emerge. Writers write and we use words to express what lies deep within us. Our stories are our children. We conceive them in our hearts and minds; and they are birthed onto the screen or piece of paper. Words fuel the flame of our passion for writing.

Say it loud, “ I’ve got the words in me!” Now get writing!

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About the author:


Inez states, “Life happens to everyone, including me. I have lived long enough to realize that we don’t have to be down in the dumps about life’s challenges. I am not bitter; I am better because of my encounters. I write to uncover what lies within me and to encourage others to do the same in a manner that the reader can relate. We do not have to stick our heads in the sand to deal with upheaval or disappointment. We can face it, deal with it, and march forward to our great destiny.”

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