Interview with author Natasha Deen

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I drop by to bring to you a recent interview I did to the author of True Grime, Natasha Deen.

Please read on to learn what she had to say plus to catch a glimpse from her latest novel.




Title: Angel Maker

Series: True Grime, #2

Author: Natasha Deen

Genre: Urban-Fantasy, YA,

Publisher: Blueberry Hill Press


Pages: 302


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Book Blurb:

For the last two years, human Aponi Runningbear has been training to be part of Grime, the magical police division tasked with protecting humanity from SOAP terrorists. But things aren’t going well. She’s barely keeping up with her studies, failing the physical component, and her Generalized Anxiety Disorder is making her bad days even worse. When her team is given the chance to find a missing coworker and stop SOAP from producing a DNA-altering drug that’s killing humans, Aponi grabs hold of the chance to show she’s meant for Grime. But as the investigation heats up, she’s forced to deal with the tormentor from her past, dead bodies, and the certainty that SOAP’s going to win this battle. Humanity’s dying, Grime’s in trouble, and she’s failing…does a foster kid really have what it takes to save the world and herself?


Book Excerpt:

Echo’s technology deflected the damage of the shot but it didn’t compensate for the power. The laser’s momentum rocketed me off my feet. I exploded into the air, my arms and legs pedaled helplessly. Spinning, twisting, the world whirled around me in a blur of colors and texture.

Gravity yanked me down.

Too late, I saw my destination: the cylindrical tank attached to a rig. I smashed into the hard metal. The force made my head snap back hard enough to break my spine, if not for the shield. My teeth chomped into my cheek. A disembodied chunk of the tissue rolled on to my tongue, bathed in my blood. I spit it out and fell twelve feet to the ground.

The fall left me stunned, seeing double. Two TJ’s, smiling with evil intent, came my way. I pulled out my gun, aimed, and fired. The shot went between them.

TJ laughed.

I closed one eye, and pulled the trigger.

He did the same and his laser beam devoured my shot with ease. “You’re too slow, Grime.”  He twirled his gun. “Kill you or use you for information?”  His lips pulled back from his teeth. “You have no usable intel, but it would be fun to torture you, all the same.”

I spit out the blood pooling in my mouth. God. Nothing pisses me off like an adversary who doesn’t think I have what it takes to beat them. First the aswang. Now him. I pulled the trigger, aiming for one of his hearts.


Natasha was kind enough to answer a few questions for me and here’s what she had to say,

1) Would you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

I’m not sure if there’s anything exciting to talk about. I had a normal childhood: sleepovers, homework…that alien abduction…of course Mother claims that was just my great-aunt without make-up on…

2)  How did you come up with the title for this book?

The premise of the book is that magical terrorists are using an illicit drug to kill humanity. It’s formulation is a lot like angel dust, but because it literally changes your DNA, addicts call it angel maker.

3) What inspired you to write this book?

I wanted to explore themes of resilience and redemption, to talk about mental illness (specifically Generalized Anxiety Disorder), and wrap it all up in an exciting, catch-your-breath-turn-the-page action/mystery with a healthy dose of comedy.

4) Did you have the main character’s names already picked out before you began to write?

In this case, because it’s the second book in the True Grime series, I did: Aponi Runningbear is my main protagonist, and she’s backed up by her coworkers/friends Pepper, Harley, Echo, and Loca.

5) Did you have to do any research in order to help you with the writing of this book?

Yes. There’s a lot of background about drugs and how they work on your brain. Also, I read up on foster kids because Aponi is one and I wanted to explore their lives and the long-term effects (if any) if you grow up in the system.

6) What made you decide to become a writer?

I read a terrible story where the heroine was supposed to be strong (but she was shrill) and where the hero was to be wounded (except he was abusive), and it made me mad…then it made me wonder about writing and what it takes to be an author. I started writing that day…

7) How long does it usually take for you to write a book?

About a year, from first idea to sending it out for publication.

8) Do you have a general idea of what direction you want the plot to take ahead of time or does it come to you once you’ve started writing?

I look at my plot outlines like mapping out a route from one city to another. It gives me a general idea of where I want to go, but there’s nothing to stop me from pulling into a point of interest or stopping at that adorable souvenir shop.

9) Have you ever had second doubts about a story you’ve written? If so, have you wanted to rewrite some parts of it?

I never have second doubts; I have forty-fifth and forty-sixth doubts. It’s why I can’t read my novels once they’re published, because all I see is the tiny ways I could tweak or change it.

10) Where can the readers find more information about you?

My website is, and readers can find me on Facebook (, Goodreads (, and Twitter (


About the author:



When I was little, there was only one thing I wanted to be: a superhero.  Then I realized that being a klutz was not, in fact, a super power, and my super weakness for anything bright and shiny meant a magpie with self-control could easily defeat me in a battle of wills.

What was a superhero in training to do?

I turned to writing young adult, urban fantasy, and romance as a way to sharpen my mental super-hero skills, and as a way to bide my time until I can hone my klutzy nature into a superpower. I don’t get to orbit the earth in a space station (and thank God, because I get sick on merry-go-round), but I do get to say things like: “Stand aside! This is a job for Writing Girl!!”


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