Book Spotlight ~ She Never Knew

Hello Readers : )

I have a great book spotlight today by author CJ Simpson.

Please read on for a sneak peek.



Book Blurb:

When twenty-six year old virgin Kat Richards is brutally raped one month after losing her parents and fiancé to a drunk driver, she relocates far away to a small, quiet town in Lakesboro, desperate to begin a new life. Her existence as a recluse comes to a screeching halt when a tall, dark, and handsome stranger with a shady past enters her life. As she struggles to provide her young son with a normal life, she finds herself drawn to Daniel for moral support. Rescuing her time and time again as she faces one obstacle after another, he becomes a hero in Kat’s eyes. However, as she seeks more than friendship from him, he reluctantly begins to create distance between them. Unbeknownst to Kat and her son, Daniel harbors a shocking secret that could destroy any chance of them becoming a family together. When Kat learns the horrible truth, she faces her most difficult obstacle of all. In She Never Knew, discover if she conquers the final barrier in her quest for eternal happiness.

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About the author:



CJ Simpson, a university instructor, has inspired many of her students to hone their creative writing skills in class. A fan of Women’s Fiction novels for decades, CJ uses her own creativity to inspire her readers. She writes on a part-time basis and is a member of Writer’s Digest. A native of Albany, New York, she lives with her husband and son in the quaint seaside village of Swansboro, North Carolina.


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