Guest Post by the authors of A Galactic Holiday

Hello Readers : )

Fellow Inkspeller author Sasha Summers has an anthology coming out soon along with a Sci-Fi novel.

However, since the date for A Galactic is fast approaching, I would love for my readers to catch a glimpse of it here.

There’s a giveaway included so please read on for more info.


A Trio of Galactic Heroines

Princess Leia was voted 89th greatest film character of all time by Empire Magazine. When you think “galactic heroine” a cinnamon-bun hairstyle, flowing white dress and blaster pistol usually come to mind. Leia epitomizes the tough, smart and dedicated sci-fi heroine.

Meet 3 other galactic heroines who can solve futuristic crimes, pilot space tugs and close galactic trade deals. They are all smart, tough and sexy and star in A GALACTIC HOLIDAY.


Personal Data File


Name: Reina Leonida Vedette (Meaning: Reina=queen, or queenly. Leonida=lion. Vedette=sentinel, sentry.)

Home world: Earth

Occupation: Police detective, South Chicago

Favorite color: Black

Favorite food: Pistachios, her grandmother’s Tiramisu

Favorite drink: Shirley Temple

Favorite activity: Solving impossible, brain-busting crimes

Secret wish: To be valued despite having no cyborg modifications

Likes:  Polite manners, slick bike racing, tropical drinks with umbrellas in them, smart-mouthed detectives named Edison

Dislikes: Closed-minded idiots, bad-mannered idiots, braggadocio idiots. Idiots.


Personal Data File


Name:  Riley

Home world: None – born in her grandmother’s ice tugger in space

Occupation: Ice Tugger

Favorite color: Black

Favorite food: Before Galileo Station, it was all protein powder

Favorite drink: Same as above

Favorite activity: Taking something apart, figuring how it works, and putting it back together – with improvements

Secret wish: Riley’s not one for wishing – she’s a take it as you see it kind of gal.

Likes:  Being alone in the black. Her ship. Real Food. Leo

Dislikes: People. New Things. The unknown. Leo


Personal Data File


Name: Brinn Fjord

Home world: Perma

Occupation: Galactic Trade Negotiator

Favorite color: Red (like her favorite ursus coat)

Favorite food: Yule ham

Favorite drink: Glogg (mulled wine)

Favorite activity: Sitting at the trade tables and spending time with family

Secret wish: Make her father proud

Likes: Family, ice mines, closing a trade deal, Yule

Dislikes: Ice lakes, avalanches and supercilious Rendarian trader, Savan Bardan.


So none of these galactic heroines sport any crazy hairdos, but you definitely might find them wielding a blaster pistol or two.


Giveaway Info:

One custom Galactic Holiday ornament, a $25 Amazon gift card, one Sci-Fi eBook bundle, and two $10 Amazon cards.

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A GALACTIC HOLIDAY – Carina Press | Amazon | B&N | All Romance

Anna HackettWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Stacy GailWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Sasha SummersWebsite | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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  1. Thanks so much for having us on your blog Kristy! Nothing like a crew of unique heroines to makes things interesting, right? LOL!

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