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I have an interesting post for you today.

If you love poetry as much as I do, then you’ll definitely want to check out this book.


A Poet is Born

bridge over troubled waters, hoping they soon calm

tear soaked pages become a book that he will soon sell

remembrances of man on wayward path, staring at ceiling of a prison cell

prayers get him through the day; he doesn’t sleep because poems need to

be written from the pen in his palm

in between the stanzas, he prays forgiveness from his Lord, ask Him to

watch over daughter, brother, and his mom

lights out mean nothing except he uses the guard’s light

to let poetry continue

men meet clandestine, but metaphors and hyperbole help him ignore

what they’re getting into

few then many ask him to pen poems for the people in their lives

what was a hobby to pass time while doing time became destiny realized

and in good and not so good times, tears will always drip from pens’ eyes

transfer to another Hell, just a lower level

nevertheless, still fires burn for sins committed, still surrounded by devils

pen becomes dormant; the concentration turns to economics

suggested by spouse

irony is that finances shared, but slight delusion because

they won’t reside in the same house

constant confusion causes conflict between green paper

and the pen’s ink

it calls with a sweet siren’s soprano, and the distance tween it

and fingers starts to shrink

day arrives when he is no longer a prisoner; call him a free man

walks out of Hell’s gates, smile on his face, sins accounted for,

pen in his hand

the waters are calm; a poet is born.

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About the author:
G.P.A. hails from the South side of  Chicago and began writing Poetry in 2007, then publishing his first book,The Confessional Heart of a Man in 2009. He has subsequently published two other books(The Book of 24 Orgasms and The Mind of a Poetic Unsub) and appeared in several anthologies.Currently, he is the Moth Storytelling Champion.

Author Link:
Review coming soon so please stay tuned.

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