Book Spotlight ~ The Followers

Hello Readers : )

It’s an excellent day to bring to you another book spotlight.

Please read on for more information.


Book Blurb:

For many of us, the days of youth are remembered with warmth and nostalgia. Memories of old hang in the light, crisp and spared, never to be lost. But for some of us, there is darkness. And we find ourselves trapped, haunted, followed… by the demons of past.


Teaser Excerpt:

Carly stares at the frayed, bloodied tufts of hair sticking up through the fresh dirt. Her makeup is runny, her eyes like paste, her arms sore. She tries to swallow back the lump in her throat. She can’t believe what she has done. And even more, she can’t believe now what she is doing.

Buy Link:


About the author:

Evan is…

A seasoned writer and practitioner of telepathy. A student of human psychology. A supporter of all causes humanitarian. A people-watcher. Extremely motivated… in extremely narrow areas of interest. And speaking of interest…

He likes a mild Autumn day.

Evan currently has degrees in English and Psychology.



I will be posting a review for this book in the near future.



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