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Today I’m having as a guest, the author of The Charleston Vampire Chronicles, L.A. Freed.

Please continue reading for a sneak peak of all three books and a few words from the author herself.

Okay then, let’s get started.




Blood Thirst:

My heart slammed inside my chest as I fought him. My fear became anger; I knew I would die before I’d let him violate me. I squirmed beneath him and bucked violently, nearly knocking him off. He retaliated by driving his weight harder against me and shoving his knee into my belly. Vomit rose in my throat.

Cold pain pierced my neck, and I drew in a strangled gasp as I realized he must have a knife. Wet warmth slid across my throat. He pressed his face against me and locked his mouth over the source of my pain.

Warmth spread through me and grew into the heat of need. I found myself pushing into him as my fear dissolved. My heart slowed and matched each pull as he drew the very life out of me. Pounding. Pounding. Pounding. It was ecstasy, and I wanted it to go on forever. Then the sound of my heart grew faint, and he pulled away from me.

He lifted his head and turned to look at me. Blood colored his lips like the grease paint smile of a clown, and ran in a jagged line from the corner of his mouth to the tip of his chin where it hung in a small, clotted drip. He smiled. The sight of the small, sharp fangs shocked me back into fear. THIS IS DEATH.




Blood Divided:

Overwhelmed with guilt at the sin that was his undoing and the monster he’s become, the vampire, Matthew Trenton, stows away on a ship bound for the New World in an attempt to start over.

Through sheer perseverance, he survives the hardships and savagery of the untamed shores of Charles Town. Then, vampires begin to come to him to die, and he realizes what an enigma he is among them, but why? What makes him so different?

He needs mortals for blood, but also depends on them for companionship and verification that his existence has reason.  He has an overwhelming need to guide them, protect them, and sway them with his ideas for the future of his new country.

As his mortal companions die, and his country begins to tear itself apart in war, he faces despair so deep that he contemplates his own end … until he sees his sister’s child on the docks.

Filled with a new reason to exist, he watches his family grow.  Time comes full circle when Angela Trenton is born. She not only carries his family name, but is the very image of his beloved sister. He falls hopelessly in love with her. And he knows in order to keep her with him forever he will need to discover why his blood is divided.




Blood Feud:

Fifteen years ago, an auto accident killed Kate Delwen’s husband and son. In an instant, her life changed forever. Little did she know then, their deaths were no accident.

Tonight, her life will turn upside down again, just as the immortals intended so many years ago. She will die, be reborn and emerge as a reluctant hero amid a world of powerful vampires embroiled in an ancient Blood Feud.



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Blood Thirst






And now a few words from author L.A. Freed,

Touching Just One Life.

I can’t speak for all writers, but I think that a great many of them write because, in some way, they want to touch someone.  As a writer, that has been one of the goals I’ve always strived to achieve.

Seriously though, I’ve wondered how my vampire stories could actually change someone’s life.  At times I’ve even thought that maybe, just maybe, my stories might do more harm than good.  But in the end, I’ve found that I’ve accomplished what I set out to do and I want to tell you about it.

My first novel, BLOOD THIRST, was published as a mass-market paperback by Kensington Books as a Pinnacle Horror novel.  This was in 1989.  Back in those days, there were no personal computers, no cell phones, and no social media outlets.  If you heard from fans, it came by way of the U.S. mail, and I got my fair share of letters, forwarded on to me from my publisher.

I tried to respond to the letters, and I think I did send out notes to the majority.  One letter really touched me as it came from a young girl on the other side of the country and she explained to me that she had service dogs, but that she enjoyed the vampire dog I created so much, that she was looking to get a Great Dane.  She also told me that she had miniature horses and enjoyed reading about the relationship Ainjul had with her horse.  I can’t remember the letter verbatim, but it impressed me enough that I never forgot her.  She didn’t say she was handicapped, but that came across in her writing.

Time moved on.  I tried to get the second book published, but it didn’t happen.  I began to realize I had my fifteen minutes of fame.  I got busy with life and working a real job and pretty much stopped thinking of writing.

And time moved on again, changing the world in ways I never would have imagined.  The internet sprung up and since I worked in the computer field, I was able to enjoy those early days of online surfing when the big thing was Alta Vista and you never saw pop-ups or ads, and only occasionally stumbled into a porn site.

At some point I got curious and I searched for my own name.  I was surprised to find that I was listed out there, in several areas, and my old vampire book was listed as well.  I followed one search to the fledging site called Amazon, and there found not only my book listed, but some reviews of it.

The young girl whose letter had touched me many years earlier had posted a review.  It seemed fate had pulled us together once again.  I found two contacts for her.  The emails I sent were never replied to.  I was a little disheartened, but moved on once again.

I fell into the wonderful world of online role playing games.  I hosted a game based on Star Wars for several years.  I was the gamemaster and had nearly 100 players.  I wrote all the replies and we all had wondrous adventures.  In an odd sort of way, this honed my writing skills.

I picked up the vampire sequel again, dusted if off and decided to try to get it sold.  The company I worked for had started a book division, and I sent it to the publisher and he contacted me and we had a contract drawn up.  It seemed, at last, I would be back in the writing game.  I thought of the young girl again, and I really wanted her to know that the sequel was finally going to be published.  I emailed those contacts again and … finally I got a reply.  She was as excited as I was.

Then the bubble burst.  The publisher backed out of the contract and I was left high and dry.  But as time had marched on… the possibility of doing it myself was presented and I realized ebooks were the wave of the future.  I started by getting the rights back to my first novel and putting it out there, then I did the sequel, so both BLOOD THIRST and BLOOD DIVIDED were books, online, in hardback and as ebooks.

I sent my young friend a signed copy of each.  We hit up a great friendship.  She was so supportive in my endeavors as a writer, and at the same time she inspired me.  You see, she truly was handicapped, and she’d been having a really rough time of it – in and out of hospitals, in and out of pain, but always so strong and so determined and so genuinely happy for me and my successes.

I knew when I started the third book that I was going to put her in the story.  I came right out and asked her if this was okay, could I base a character on her?  She was delighted!  I was thrilled because I was a little bit worried that she wouldn’t want me to do that.  I gave her carte blanch to create the character.  She came up with the name and description and then let me fly with it.  BLOOD FEUD will be released as an ebook probably by the time you are reading this. The character of Elisha is based on my friend.  I’m so proud of her, and so honored to know that all those years ago my writing really touched her, and in the end it brought us together as friends.

There truly is magic in words.


About the author:

L.A. Freed, author of The Charleston Vampire Chronicles, is a true renaissance woman and lives, works, and plays in Charleston, SC. She is employed full-time and works nights at The Post and Courier. It’s highly unlikely that she sleeps in a coffin during the day because she’s too busy training dogs to compete in AKC, USDAA and CPE agility and obedience. She also dabbles in photography and art, and has won numerous awards for her work. In a past life she trained, showed and boarded horses. She is a life member of the AQHA and owns two Quarter Horse mares.

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